Ft. Bragg Airport Shuttle Pricing Released

Rates for the soon-to-be-launched All-Points Ft. Bragg Airport Shuttle effective November 1 2012 are as follows:

These are the rates to and from Ft. Bragg/Pope Airfield and Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). Please note that we are working hard to lower our rates. We launched this service to lower the costs of travel to and from RDU while providing the BEST service to each and every guest.

We know that money does not grow on trees and there are times when the unexpected occurs which may leave you a little short of funds. We want to remove all obstacles which may prevent our guests from using our service. We allow any guest to pay half of their fare at the time of travel and the balance paid on the next payroll date (credit or debit cards).

Pricing is based on the number of guests riding on the Shuttle during that route (date and time). When you book your reservation you can ask if their are any other guests and what your fare is at that moment. 

Remember, your cost should only go down. As soon as the Shuttle is up and running with consistent ridership we will be able to move towards our low flat rate for every guest every time! In order to make this as affordable as possible all guests who pay the single or 2 guest rate will be given a $25.00 eCoupon to apply to their travel on the first trip they take in 2013 – and yes, the eCoupon is transferable!

1 Guest = $75.00 per person

2 Guests= $65.00 per person

3+ Guests = $50.00 per person

Children: 5 – 12 = Half Price

Under 5 years old = Free

Vietnam & Korea Veterans = Half Price

World War II Veterans = Free

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