2014 – 2015 Holiday Pricing and Schedule Release

The 2014 – 2015 Holiday Schedule is effective Friday November 21st for travel between Fort Bragg and RDU International Airport.

Pricing for private trips will remain at the discounted rate of $154.00 each way – this is the rate for the vehicle so if you are booking travel for a group this will be the total rate for the vehicle based on an SUV. The capacity is 6 passengers. If your group is larger we will upgrade you a Van. The Van rate is $220.00 and our Vans have a capacity of 10 passengers and their luggage.

As always we do offer discounted trips where WE combine you with other guests and the per person rate is $70 per person. Here is how it works: the heaviest travel days tend to be the 5 days prior to and after Thanksgiving and Christmas. You must call our office and at that time we will let you know if there are any current reservations for the day that you want to travel. If there are we will tell you the time(s) that there are open seats and you may book and pay for your seat at that time. Bear in mind that in order to secure a seat at the lowest rate you may depart the night before your flight and spend the evening in the USO. If there are no existing reservations we will ask you to book a private trip at the $154.00 rate but we will NOT charge your card until we have a second passenger. Once we have a second passenger we will charge your card $70.00 and we will charge the same amount to each additional passengers. If we do not secure any additional passengers we will contact you so that you can decide whether to pay the $154.00 or to cancel the reservation. It is always in your best interest to book your reservation in advance at the private trip rate because: once we have one reservation in our system it increases the odds of creating additional trips with more open seats. You will have the opportunity to cancel the private trip without penalty up to 24 hours before the trip if no one else is added to your trip. The moment that someone books a seat on your reservation both you and subsequent passengers are charged the $70.00 per seat rate. Also, when you book the private trip you are setting the departure time (we do ask if you have flexibility to adjust that time) based on your travel plans.

Some important items to note: when we only have 2 guests at a rate of $70.00 each we do not make any money. We are willing to take this risk because we are normally able to complete a number of trips with more than 2 passengers where we do make money. If you see that there are 4 other passengers in the vehicle you will quickly figure out that we collected 5 x $70.00 = $350.00 for that trip. Yes, we did, and we also did all the work to coordinate getting them all in that vehicle. Had you done all the work in coordinating a group of 5 the total rate would have been $154.00. You still benefit because without us being able to make money we would not be able to provide this service and your options would be fewer and your costs would be higher. Don’t let anyone fool you, this IS the American way – the Free Enterprise system.

All reservations for The Shuttle must be made in advance and once made are guaranteed. We are pleased to offer the same discounted rate as in past years of $70.00 per person, each way, or $60.00 per person each way when a round-trip is purchased.

This Shuttle is provided for the exclusive use of Active Duty personnel only.


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