How To Make A Reservation

We work by advance reservations to ensure that every individual is guaranteed the highest level of service each and every time. If we do not have an advance reservation on either leg of the round-trip we will not run the Shuttle due to the high operating costs.

  • Reservations will be taken up to 1 hour prior to departure FROM RDU  and up to 4 hours in advance of departure time FROM FT.BRAGG. Please understand that the Shuttle cannot wait if you are not on time. This means that you must make an advance reservation to ride the Shuttle – due to the volume of guests coming through RDU we may be able to accommodate passengers at the last minute (within 15 minutes of departure), but guests departing Ft. Bragg will need to make a reservation no less than 4 hours in advance. Also, once the shuttle is booked up we cannot take more than the safe and comfortable capacity of the vehicle – booking your seat on the Shuttle should be done the same day that you book your airline ticket to be assured that you will get to your destination on time. Last minute trip? If you show up at a Shuttle stop without a reservation and we can accommodate you, we will, but your best course of action is to always call.
  • We  never double-book or over-book and in consideration for our other guests  we will not add more passengers than the vehicle will seat comfortably. Yes, we are in business to make money but unlike our competitors we never sacrifice comfort and safety for a few extra dollars. That is also why our vehicles are so clean!
  • To make a reservation simply call 919-836-9900. We answer the phones 24 hours a day, every day. Please have the following information ready for our reservations staff in addition to your information if you are booking a trip for someone else: name of passenger, phone number of passenger, email address of passenger (we send an email confirmation for trip as well as a receipt via email), number of bags, and credit card information. We must have a credit card on file for all reservations.
  • Going to RDU: let the reservations staff member know which pick-up point you need to be picked up at and the time of the Shuttle you would like to be on.
  • Going to Ft. Bragg: let the reservations staff member know which flight you are arriving on (airline name, flight number, estimated time of arrival at RDU, and the name of the city that this flight is coming from).
  • If you have any special needs or requests we will do our best to meet them – please let our staff know.
  • Please plan to be at the Shuttle stop 10 minutes prior to the departure time so that you are on-time. If you miss your Shuttle it will be considered a ‘no-show’ and you will be billed for it (see ‘Our Rates’ page), while we will attempt to book you on the next Shuttle please understand that we may not have a seat for you on the next Shuttle. If you are delayed and are going to miss your Shuttle reservation you should call our office so that we can make adjustments to your reservation as soon as possible.

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