Our Fleet

We utilize a growing fleet of Chevrolet Suburbans with all leather seating as well as Chevrolet Express Passenger Vans. The seating capacity of our Vans is 10 guests with one suitcase each and one carry-on. The seating capacity of the SUV’s is 6 with one suit case and one carry-on. If you have more than one suitcase and one carry-on you must make your reservation agent aware of it so we can handle all guests’ luggage. Private, non-Shuttle priced service may be provided in one of our new Mercedes Benz S550 sedans – the finest, safest vehicle on the road.

  • We carry virtually every type of phone and accessory charger and your driver will be glad to give you a full charge during your trip.
  • We also offer complimentary water service for all guests at all times.
  • We do not allow smoking or eating in our Shuttles. This makes a HUGE difference and is why our vehicles still have that ‘new car smell’ – because we keep them clean and our guests respect the vehicle and the driver.
  • We can supply car seats or booster seats for your children – just be sure to ask and it will be provided.

We never charge additional fees or surprise fees. Everything we mentioned above is complimentary and provided for our guests because WE care and we are THE BEST. 

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