Our Rates

These are the rates to and from Ft. Bragg/Pope Airfield and Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). Please note that we are working hard to offer the same low rate on every trip regardless of the number of guests. We launched this service to lower the costs of travel to and from RDU while providing the BEST service to each and every guest.

We know that money does not grow on trees and there are times when the unexpected occurs which may leave you a little short of funds. We want to remove all obstacles which may prevent our guests from using our service. We allow any guest to pay half of their fare at the time of travel and the balance paid on the next payroll date (credit or debit cards).

The success of the Shuttle really does rest on you and we hope that you will tell your friends about our unique service.

The best way to ensure that the Shuttle continues to meet this commitment  is to increase ridership. Without riders the service cannot support itself. After all, this is not a government service, it is a business that exists to serve you and your families, as well as provide jobs and income to our staff, and to contribute a significant portion of our revenues to the USO! Please tell your friends and family to call us. If you have any questions or comments please share them with us.

While our objective is to always have one price for all guests you can also understand that we cannot lose money on each trip. Until such time as we reach our critical mass of daily ridership the price of your trip may vary slightly. During this time pricing is based on the number of guests riding on the Shuttle during that route (date and time). When you book your reservation you can ask if their are any other guests and what your fare is at that moment. We know that you do not like surprises – nor do we. We commit to you to always give you the lowest cost based on the number of guests on your Shuttle.

Remember, your cost will only go down. As soon as the Shuttle is up and running with consistent ridership we will be able to move towards our low flat rate for every guest every time! In order to make this as affordable as possible all guests who pay the single or 2 guest rate will be given a $25.00 eCoupon to apply to their travel on the first trip they take in 2013 – and yes, the eCoupon is transferable!

1 Guest = $75.00 per person

2 Guests= $65.00 per person

3+ Guests = $50.00 per person

Children: 5 – 12 = Half Price

Under 5 years old = Free

Vietnam &  Korea Veterans = Free

World War II Veterans = Free

Baggage: 2 bags – no charge, more than 2 bags – we might need another vehicle! (advise reservations staff member to be sure that we will have capacity.) If you and your family have many bags, in consideration of our other guests please consider a private ride especially during peak travel times.

Pets: All pets must be in carriers or crates at all time, no exceptions. We love animals but in consideration of our other guests we have to ask that they remain in the carrier at all times.

Smoking, Chewing, Drinking (Alcohol), Eating: please refrain from each while on the Shuttle. We know that Chewing does not bother anybody – it’s the spitting in a bottle, can, cup, or other that is just too gross.

Music: please use your headphones unless it is Holiday or Military music.

** Cancellation Policy: if you miss the Shuttle that you have signed up for please call the office immediately so that we may reserve a spot on the next available Shuttle. If you miss the last Shuttle from Ft. Bragg to RDU the next Shuttle may be the following morning. If you miss the last Shuttle from RDU to Ft. Bragg you will most likely be taking a nap in the USO at RDU. We will get you on the next available Shuttle. Reservations cancelled with less than 6 hours notice will be be subject to a charge equal to 50% of the rate at time of booking. Reservations cancelled with less than 3 hours notice will be subject to a charge equal to the final cost of your ticket. This means that if you booked your ride when the 2 person rate was $65.00 per person, but we added more guests by the time we made the trip your fare will have dropped and you will only be charged the lower rate.

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