Send a Soldier Home With Your Contribution!


The All-Points Ft. Bragg Airport Shuttle not only serves our troops directly by providing discounted transportation when they need it most, it also help to fund the USO of North Carolina.

While the Shuttle is a private, non-government service our ability to grow this valuable service is dependent upon the funds produced by the service as well as contributions from the public. Remember that 10% of each fare is contributed directly back to the USO of North Carolina. This means that your contribution helps a soldier today – and many of our troops tomorrow!

Funds raised directly by contributions from this site will be used to subsidize fares for those troops who do not have the financial means to pay for their trip. This is especially true during family emergencies and also when someone is surprised with Leave that they may not have expected.

Go ahead – send a soldier home or get them back to their base!

Checks should be made out to ‘The All-Points Ft. Bragg Airport Shuttle” and sent to:

The All-Points Ft. Bragg Shuttle

122 Faircloth Street

Raleigh, NC 27607




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