Shuttle Stops: Where We Pick Up and Drop Off

At present we make stops at 3 locations on Ft. Bragg and 2 locations at RDU International Airport. Please be sure to re-visit our website or this blog to confirm that our Ft. Bragg locations have not changed. We will only change locations to enable us to serve you better.

At RDU: All airlines except Southwest and Air Tran (Terminal 1) arrive and depart from Terminal 2. When traveling to RDU from Ft. Bragg the Shuttle will drop you at the check-in area on the departures level for your airline unless your airline is in Terminal 1 and you are departing later in the day and wish to visit the USO in which case you may be dropped at Terminal 2.

Terminal 1: Collect your bags and proceed outside and across street to the shelter marked ‘Limos’. This is only if you arrive and are going to be picked up by the Shuttle within 30 minutes. Otherwise you will probably want to proceed to Terminal 2 and visit the USO. Please contact the office to let them know that we went to the USO so we are not looking for you.

Terminal 2: You will be meeting the Shuttle at Zone 16 ‘Limos/Pre-arranged Transportation’. Zone 16 is on the lower level outside of Baggage Claim. Proceed through double set of glass doors, cross street at the cross walk to median, turn right and walk to the end ‘Zone 16’.

It is highly suggested that you allow at least 10 minutes to get to Zone 16 so that you are there when the Shuttle arrives. The Shuttle may only wait at Zone 16 for 3 minutes. If you are late and you miss the Shuttle you will have to wait for the next available Shuttle.

At Ft. Bragg: the Shuttle stops at the locations listed below. Please understand that we must maintain a precise schedule (we are not Amtrak). This means that the departure time listed is the time the Shuttle rolls away to its next stop.

The Primary stop will be at the Fort Bragg Soldier Support Center located at 2843 Normandy Drive.

We are still deciding where our other stops will be at Ft. Bragg. In the interim please let your reservations agent know where you are and we will plan to pick you up where it makes sense. (Please know the cross streets where you live. Building numbers are meaningless to anyone picking you up or dropping you off at Ft. Bragg.)

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