Who You Support When You Ride The Shuttle

The All-Points Ft. Bragg Airport Shuttle is very unique in today’s business world.

Soon after we (Gregg and Catherine, the Founders of ‘All-Points Personal Transportation’) started the business in 2008 we began to receive calls from parents and Military personnel seeking transportation across North Carolina. It soon became apparent that our state did very little to provide transportation from the state capitol to any Military installations. So, we decided to begin filling this need when the occasion arose.

Over the course of a few months we came to see how many predators take advantage of our Military personnel and their families in and around every base. While many of these businesses might have begun serving our troops somewhere along the line they lost sight of ‘serve’ and replaced it with ‘help themselves to a soldiers’ money’. While there are a lot of businesses who indeed help our soldiers there are a few that take advantage of them as well. This disgusted us and we decided we were going to do something about it!

We were a small company back then and money was very tight – and it remains the same today as the economy struggles to recover. However, we believed that our business could favorably impact a lot of people and we knew that we could be a productive member of the community as well. We began to work with the USO to try to get our troops to their bases in a timely and cost effective manner. Timely was very easy but cost effective was rather difficult. The reason is was difficult was because we operate new, fully insured vehicles staffed by professionals and it costs a lot of money to operate. While our prices are lower than our competitors the cost for a soldier to get to their base or to go home on leave was fairly pricey considering their pay.

We knew that the key to lower prices could only be accomplished in one way – establishing a ‘Regularly Scheduled Shuttle Service’ . The challenge was funding a start up Shuttle Service. It is very costly and it could  put us out of business if people did not start riding every day from day one. To make it even more challenging we wanted to give back to the community in a more concrete way above and beyond providing a discounted or free service. 

We decided that we would take a percentage of EVERY fare and donate it to the USO of NC as well as one organization which helps our Wounded Warriors. By supporting the USO of NC we knew that our financial support would enable the USO to do even more for our Military personnel and their families. How much to donate? For how long? We decided that the amount needed to be substantial enough to make a difference and also to help the rider of The Shuttle understand that they play a VERY important role in the success of  this service. We decided that 10% of EVERY FARE would be substantial and that it would ensure that the rider understood that they were also a supporter of The Shuttle as well as the USO of NC and our Wounded Warrior support organization. And, our small little company would contribute each and every year!

The Wounded Warrior organization that we will help support has not yet been named as we want to surprise them – more to follow on our blog posts!

So, please understand the importance of riding The Shuttle. If you do not support it today by riding, it may not be here tomorrow when you need it most. If you ride it, and your families ride it, as well as your friends the service will expand, grow, provide outstanding service, and support 2 very worthy causes that are here to help our troops and their families.

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